Doctor’s Role in Patient’s Ability to Obtain Disability Benefits

Most people understand that medical records play an important role in a claimant’s ability to obtain Social Security disability benefits. However, the role a doctor plays in a patient’s ability to obtain disability benefits is often overlooked. The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes the opinions of treating doctors into special consideration when reviewing claims for disability benefits. As such, it is extremely important for your treating physician to consult with your Chicago Disability Attorney to provide all the necessary information that can make or break your Social Security disability claim.

Even though the SSA gives much weight to the opinion of your treating physician and the information he/she provides, the SSA does not require your doctor to have special expertise or training to provide a relevant opinion about your ability to work. As long as your treating doctor has developed a long-term perspective on your disabling condition, he/she is in a position to make a valuable contribution to determining whether you are disabled. Furthermore, the SSA relies more upon the evaluation of your long-term treating physician than a specialist who has treated you only once.

The significance of your treating physician’s evaluation and opinion is only as good as the detailed information provided about your disability. However, your doctor does not necessarily need to have additional medical evidence of a Functional Capacity Evaluation in order to provide the SSA with a detailed and thorough assessment of your case. Nevertheless, your competent Chicago Disability Attorney can consult with your treating physician to determine whether this additional Functional Capacity Evaluation is necessary for your particular case.

Filing for Social Security disability benefits is a complex and stressful process. However, with the assistance of your Chicago Disability Attorney in conjunction with your treating physician, you can have the peace of mind that your case is being properly handled and will most likely result in a favorable outcome.