If You Already Have a Social Security Disability Attorney Representing You

If you have signed a representation agreement with a Social Security disability lawyer, before talking to another attorney about your claim you should either:

  1. Tell your retained attorney what has made you unhappy with his or her representation,
  2. Formally end the representation before seeking a replacement lawyer, or
  3. Honor your original representation agreement.

1. Tell your attorney what has made you unhappy.

Candor is important. Explain exactly what the problem is. Is it insufficient communication? Lack of progress on your claim? A personality conflict? Give your attorney the opportunity to explain and offer a remedy before deciding to discontinue representation.

Circumstances beyond your lawyer’s control may be causing the problem. Or maybe you do not yet fully understand the disability determination process.

2. Formally end the representation.

Before you contact a new Social Security disability attorney, you should obtain in writing an end to the representation agreement you signed earlier.

You should not contract with a new attorney until you have formally dissolved your agreement with your current lawyer. Your current lawyer will be able to put in writing the end of your arrangement, but you are the one who will need to initiate the request.

3. Honor your original agreement.

Until you have received a letter from your disability attorney ending his or her representation, you should abide by the terms of your current representation agreement.